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2022-06-16 08:23:19 By : Ms. Joan Liu

Key Technology shares Tips for Maintenance and Yearly Audits for Vibratory Conveyors

Regular inspection of sorters and shakers ensures efficient operation and prevents unscheduled downtime. To help prepare you, Key Technology just shared information on their comprehensive equipment audits and spotlighting the unsung heroes of your plant – shakers! Pre-season, post-season and scheduled downtime are all perfect times for a Key Technology SupportPro Service Technician to perform an audit on your equipment. This audit is a comprehensive well-check to ensure your equipment is ready to operate at maximum efficiency with minimum downtime. Below is an overview of some of the items covered in our extensive audit checklists. If any parts are required, our technicians can assist in providing them in a timely manner. Optical Sorters:

These are just a few of the items our technicians cover in our comprehensive equipment audit. Contact us today to schedule one with your local SupportPro service technician and ensure you’re ready for the season ahead. Spotlight on Vibratory Conveyors Conveyors are the workhorses of your plant and connect the sorting, processing and packaging processes in your line, directly impacting the performance of downstream equipment. But, why should you use a vibratory conveyor? 1. Functionality: Shakers are the ultimate multi-taskers and can perform many functions to help you produce a better product. They can align, collect, transfer, de-water, distribute, grade, remove fines, spread, glaze and much more. 2. Sanitation: Shakers are designed to be clean. They are easier to clean and maintain than belt conveyors. This plays a big role in both cost of ownership and food safety. 3. Cost of Ownership: Compared to other conveying systems, shakers typically have a long life and also use less energy. Their sanitary design also reduces maintenance costs. 4. Reliability: Key Technology vibratory conveyors are built to last. They are specifically designed for the function and the environment in which they are used. Shaker Maintenance Tips Our shakers are highly reliable, but do still require proper use and maintenance to prevent problems. Three of the most common causes of shaker failure are cracked beds, cracked frames, and broken arm springs. These are all preventable and are caused by improper maintenance and/or running the shaker out of tune. Always refer to your technical manual for detailed procedures on replacing arms and tuning your shaker, but here are a few tips to keep in mind when performing routine maintenance activities.

If you have questions about shaker tuning and alignment or need help with maintenance activities on any of your other pieces of Key Technology equipment, contact us today.

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