Auger Heating System Eliminates Auger/Screw Conveyor Freezing |

2022-06-19 01:31:17 By : Ms. Cindy Wong

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Powder & Bulk Solids Staff | Feb 15, 2022

Thermo-Tech’s new auger heating system eliminates problematic auger/screw conveyor freezing and keeps augers and screw conveyors operating in cold temperatures for all types of industries.

The custom-fabricated auger heating system features a heating temperature range of 120° to 400°, 120 to 480V, 304 stainless steel construction, and easy installation.

The high-temperature availability can dry the product on slow-moving augers. The system is thermostatically controlled.

Thermo-Tech Inc., Keyser, WV 304-788-1400

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