Had Escaped When Caught Stealing Roller Conveyor, Two Unscrupulous Employees at Tabalong Arrested by Police - Banjarmasinpost.co.id

2022-06-16 08:25:51 By : Ms. jessica yu

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID, TANJUNG - The case of the theft of a roller conveyer belonging to PT Adaro Indonesia has been successfully uncovered by the Tabalong Police Satreskrim.Two of the perpetrators, who are employees of two of Adaro's sub-contractors, have now been detained by officers and their evidence.The first perpetrator, M alias Imis (37), a resident of Banyu Tajun Village, Tanjung District, Tabalong Regency, South Kalimantan Province (Kalsel), was arrested at home.The second perpetrator, AK alias Asep (31) is a resident of Agung Village, Tanjung Tabalong District, who was arrested at Mount Halat on the South Kalimantan-Kaltim border, Jaro District, Tabalong Regency.Read also: Theft in Banjarmasin, four cellphones belonging to rice traders, middle-aged man led by policeRead also: Theft in Banjarmasin, Try to pry out the window of a resident's house in South Kuin, the perpetrator caught CCTVAlso read: Dismantling the house and then taking the victim's car away, the thief in Balikpapan is given hot leadThe successful disclosure of this case was conveyed directly by the Tabalong Police Chief AKBP Riza Muttaqin accompanied by the Tabalong Police Criminal Investigation Unit Head AKP Trisna Agus Brata, at a press conference, Monday (23/5/2022).In addition to presenting the two perpetrators, evidence was also seen in the form of 11 roller conveyors, 1 white car, 1 mine permit in AK's name, 1 ID card in AK's name.1 ID card in the name of M and one waist bag.According to the police chief, this disclosure began on Wednesday (11/5/2022) afternoon, during a routine inspection, PT Adaro Indonesia's roller conveyor was found to be incomplete.Then, Thursday (12/5/2022) afternoon, PT Adaro's PCC support section conducted another inspection and counted the number of incomplete rollers.Furthermore, the results of the calculation of the missing roller conveyor are reported to the security section and security DKP-A5.The findings were then followed up by the DKP -A5 patrol team by conducting reconnaissance, Saturday (14/5/2022) night