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NSK supplies high-quality bearings for contaminated and inadequately lubricated environments in the mining and aggregates industries.

For the machinery and equipment used to extract, transport and process in mining, access can be remote or restricted. Therefore, the unexpected failure of a single component can bring an entire site to a standstill at a significant cost.

Durability and reliability are paramount to bearings used in conveyor applications. For the arduous and highly contaminated operating conditions that prevail, NSK has developed 3D – Triple Defense to keep conveyors in motion.

NSK specialises in bearing solutions for a wide range of pulleys, including head, tail, snub, bend and take-up variants. Hi-TF bearings combine a high-performance steel formulation with proprietary heat-treatment technology for prolonged service life. Hi-TF spherical roller bearings feature a removable seal. SAF series pillow blocks can be optioned with NSK’s OLB seal. The CAM-VS series of spherical roller bearings has been designed for high-load, high-speed vibrating machinery. Deep Groove Ball Bearings. Angular Contact Ball Bearings. Cylindrical, Tapered, and Spherical Roller Bearings.

3D delivers maximized productivity, minimal unplanned downtime, extended bearing life, maintenance-free sealing options, and reduced total cost of operations. Hi-TF Series bearings

Hi-TF bearings were engineered for outstanding toughness under the harsh conditions of marginal or contaminated lubrication. They combine a dramatically tougher steel formulation with proprietary heat-treatment technology, to deliver up to ten times longer service life and superior resistance against wear, seizure, and heat.

Other advantages: • Up to four times the service life at 160°C • Less than one-third the rate of wear • As much as 40% improvement in seizure resistance • Additional applications include conveyors, crushers, compaction equipment, pumps, headframes, ball mills, sizing mills, CBM, and centrifuges. HI-TF spherical roller bearings with a removable seal

Combining our Hi-TF material technology with an advanced and easy-to-install seal, NSK delivers a high-capacity, high-performance solution to contaminant-related bearing failures in conveyor applications.

Features include a high-performance seal design, including engineering features to compensate for bearing misalignment. The removable seal permits measurement of internal clearance during installation, which is an easy bolt-fastened operation.

Our sealed bearings are also dimensionally interchangeable with conventional spherical roller bearings.

Additional applications include conveyors, crushers, compaction equipment, and ball and sizing mills. SAF pillow blocks with OLB seals

The SAF-series pillow blocks are engineered to provide robust performance in the most challenging operating conditions.

Manufactured from cast iron – with ductile iron and cast steel options – they withstand substantial mechanical shock, resistance to corrosion, and resilience in extreme temperatures. And with the goal of achieving maximum reliability, uptime and bearing life, they can be optioned with NSK’s OLB seal, an advanced, proprietary sealing solution designed to keep grit and contaminants out, while keeping clean bearing lubrication inside the housing.

Benefits: • High-performance seal preserves optimum bearing lubrication and prevents ingress of contaminants • Compact design – no significant increase in assembly width • Maintenance-free – no grease required • Longer seal life – non-contact design eliminates wear • Interchangeable, drop-in solution with no housing modifications required

Additional applications: • Conveyors • Crushers • Compaction equipment • Pumps • Headframes • Ball mills • Sizing mills CAM-VS spherical roller bearings

The CAM-VS series of spherical roller bearings has been engineered from the ground up for high-load, high-speed vibrating machinery such as screens and crushers, where heavy shock loads are virtually uninterrupted. They employ high cleanliness steel and precision-machined brass cages with tightly controlled internal clearances and dimensional tolerances, to combat the effects of vibration, operating fatigue, wear and corrosion.

Superior roller guidance and improved surface roughness on the rollers and inner and outer rings reduces damage caused by slippage, flaking and surface fatigue.

Design features: • Manufactured from high-strength, ultra-clean steel for greater fatigue strength • Heavy-duty precision-machined one-piece brass cage • Contoured cage roller pockets for controlling roller skew and optimizing lubrication flow • Improved raceway surface finish and geometry promotes reduced operating temperature and improved lubrication

Condition-Proven Benefits: • Substantially longer service life in applications subject to frequent vibration • High dynamic load ratings • Highly resistant to heavy or shock loads • High-speed performance and low operating temperature rise • Increased roller guidance and smooth running – reduced bearing damage from slippage, surface fatigue, flaking Highly resistant components for consistent productivity

Productivity and reliability are the linchpins for success in quarrying and mining. If any of this equipment breaks down, there can be serious implications for production. Additionally, the recent trend towards ever-larger equipment means that repair work can become a major undertaking.

NSK customers require bearings that can withstand these severe operating environments – bearings that are tough, long-lasting and offer high reliability. To meet these requirements, NSK fuses the very latest bearing design technologies with its core technologies for materials, lubrication, and analysis. The result: bearings that consistently outlast typical bearings, for longer machine uptime, and bedrock reliability throughout the mine.

• Motors & Pumps: Cylindrical Roller Bearing Angular Contact or Deep Groove Ball Bearing

• Gearboxes: Spherical, Cylindrical, or Tapered Roller Bearing Angular Contact or Deep Groove Ball Bearing

• Sizing/Compaction Equipment: Spherical, Cylindrical, or Tapered Roller Bearing

• Centrifuges: Spherical, Cylindrical, or Tapered Roller Bearing Angular Contact or Deep Groove Ball Bearing Case studies

ISSUE: Bearing failures due to contamination on head pulley were causing lost production and increased maintenance time

SOLUTION: NSK Tough Steel bearings extended the bearing life to over 6 years (from 18 months)

Application: Coal Mine Head Pulley 2.25x life over standard material Documented Cost Savings: $3,367,250

ISSUE: An iron ore mine was having contamination issues in their head and tail pulley bearings and was looking to extend their life.

SOLUTION: NSK proposed their Removable Seal Tough Steel Spherical Roller bearings to increase life due to extra protection against contamination while also improving performance through better installation practices.

Application: Iron Ore Mine Bend Pulley 3x life over standard material Documented Cost Savings: $177,920

Application: Iron Ore Mine Bend Pulley 3x life over standard material Documented Cost Savings: $97,130 About NSK Americas

For more than 100 years, NSK has been a global pioneer in bearing technology and manufacturing, with a specialization in mine and quarry applications.

NSK field engineers and technicians have worked with facility operators for decades, analyzing the challenges and creating process-specific, condition-proven bearing solutions that deliver exponentially greater production uptime, extended maintenance intervals, and consistently lower operating costs.

For applications where contamination, shock and vibration loads, and poor lubrication can compromise output, NSK bearing solutions have dramatically reduced planned and unplanned maintenance downtime for the most respected producers in the industry.

Heavy contamination in a coal mining head pulley was causing bearing failures every 18 months leading to lost production and increased maintenance time. NSK Tough Steel bearings were installed and extended the bearing life to over six years.

Rather in the raw or finishing mill, cement vertical roller mills are used to grind the raw cement materials to fine particles. The quality of the cement is dependent on the size of the materials.

NSK's Long-Life Spherical Roller Bearings for vibrating equipment are engineered specifically to contend with high-speeds, shock loading, misalignment, marginal lubrication and frequent vibration of equipment used in mining, aggregate, cement and construction industries.

Typical bearing failures: Most bearings don't reach their full L10 calculated life. NSK's Tough Steel family of bearings addresses the root causes of over 80% of bearing failures seen in their failure analysis labs: marginal lubrication and contamination.

Worldwide, NSK is the acknowledged leader in advanced motion and control technology, rapidly driving major developments in materials, mechanical design, lubrication and sealing to downsize bearings and reduce costs without compromising machine performance.

The reliability and specific properties of bearing components such as rings, rolling elements and cages are largely determined by the materials used.

NSK engineers proposed a complete bearing assembly be designed such that the resultant unit could simply be bolted down to the machine frame without complex assembly of bearings, seals and lubrication.

The North Antelope Rochelle coal mine (NARM) owned and operated by Peabody Energy in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming, USA, is the world's biggest coal mine by reserves.

Jacobs Ranch mine, located 50 miles south-east of Gillette in Wyoming's Powder River Basin, is owned by Arch Coal. The m

Kennecott Energy’s Cordero Rojo operation is located some 40km south of Gillette in Wyoming’s Powder River basin.

Alliance Bearing Repair was founded in 2005 in Alliance, Ohio, serving major industrial customers in the metals, pulp and paper, power generation and quarrying/mining industries.

NSK has officially announced its second line of ball screw units for use in electric-hydraulic brakes.

See it at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2019.

NSK will be showcasing their solutions at ATX East, which is taking place between 11 and 13 June 2019 at Jacob Javits Center- New York, NY.

NSK is proud to announce that NSK Group company Rane NSK Steering Systems has been awarded the 2018 Deming Prize.

SK is pleased to launch the new mobile application primarily for machine tool precision bearings to support efficient operation and IT-based plant management.

NSK inaugurated the newly constructed expansion of the Kirihara building at the Fujisawa Plant on 5 October 2017.

NSK collaborates with DMG Productions to explore advancements in bearing technologies for sustainable industries TV series; Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. focuses on pivotal role of NSK bearings in wind energy turbines.

The Japanese Government presented the prestigious CHO MONOZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components award to NSK for its new NH/NS™ Series Linear Guides.

NSK announced that Queensland Mining Contractor named NSK as a finalist of the 'Best Product Launch' category 2016 awards for the new NSK long-life sealed spherical roller bearings featuring high reliability and excellent sealing performance for conveyor pulleys in mines.

NSK announced that it has expanded the size of its high-performance standard NSKHPSTM series of large spherical roller bearings for industrial machinery.

NSK Innovation Extends Conveyor Bearing Life 20x.

NSK product solutions are designed to optimize the performance of machinery and equipment, assure predictable reliability and deliver total cost-efficiency.

High loads and temperature combined with contaminated environments can lead to premature failure of standard deep groove ball bearings.

NSK’s latest online training module focuses on bearing selection for vibrating screens.

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