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2022-06-25 08:21:58 By : Ms. xiaomei zhang

Roller Tracker designed to increase performance and wear life for single-direction or reversing belts

MARTIN Engineering have introduced the new Roller Tracker, an effective return-belt tracking system that uses high-quality materials for easier maintenance and longer service life.

Building on the standard crowned roller, the device incorporates a unique ribbed lagging made of durable polyurethane to increase performance and wear life. The roller does not come in to contact with the belt edge, which eliminates fraying and ensures excellent tracking for single-direction or reversing belts.

According to Martin Engineering, the results include more centred cargo loading, less spillage and increased safety from the hazards of belt wander, leading to higher productivity and lower operational costs.

‘Crowned tracking rollers have been around for a while, but we saw design issues that prevented them from reaching their full potential,’ said Rudolf Beer, engineering and development manager with Martin Engineering. ‘After creating a working prototype of the new design and testing it at our center for innovation, we discovered that we had truly improved upon the technology and engineered the best tracker of its kind on the market.’

Used for lower-tension belts from 500mm to 1,500mm in width and running at speeds of up to 5m/s, the Martin Roller Tracker improves on previous technology by using ribbed lagging made from thick, rugged polyurethane. Covering the entire belt width with less surface contact, the ribbed design reduces lagging wear and improves resistance to better train the belt back to the centre.

With fewer working components than its counterparts and no contact with the belt edge, the Martin Roller Tracker also has a smaller diameter of 190mm – similar in size to other rollers – allowing it to react quickly to fluctuations in the belt path.

Built on a central pivot attached to a stiff, vibration-free mandrel, the unit is lifted 5mm under the belt to retain a tight grip on the surface. As the belt drifts, the roller constantly tilts and turns, reacting to the direction of the belt’s drift.

Engineered with heavy-duty, lubricated sealed bearings, the Roller Tracker’s internal mechanism features an additional hydraulic seal to prevent dust and spillage from contaminating the inner works.

A key feature is the easy installation and maintenance of the unit, which is secured by specially designed low-footprint brackets that take up only 50mm on either side of the mainframe. The pitch of the bolts holes is such that they can fit any return idler bracket spacing, which eliminates the need to drill additional holes in the stringer.

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